The Growing Town of Bolton

December 7, 2023

As the heart of Ontario beats louder with innovation and progress, Bolton stands at the forefront of an exciting transformation. Nestled just outside of the Greater Toronto Area, Bolton is poised to embrace a future that melds tradition with cutting-edge advancements. We’re excited to see these plans come together and create a life of ease for Livello’s residents. From future GO Stations to Bolton’s countless revitalization plans, in this blog we look at what’s in store for this town’s exciting future. 


Future Caledon-Vaughan Go Station

The proposal of the Caledon-Vaughan GO Train line by Metrolinx and the City of Vaughan represents a transformative step that is set to reshape the region, offering a gateway to a dynamic future and an array of opportunities for the residents of Bolton. Whether you fancy a day trip to Downtown Toronto or an easy commute to the office, you’ll be able leave the car behind! The proposed Caledon-Vaughan GO Train line will provide Bolton residents with effortless access to the Greater Toronto Area’s major arteries while improving connectivity and reducing traffic congestion.


Highway 427 Expansion

Only minutes away from Livello, the expansion of Highway 427 to Major Mackenzie Road presents seamless access to the Greater Toronto Area right at Bolton’s doorstep. The expansion of this major highway makes commuting to work straightforward by reducing road congestion and improving overall road safety. Furthermore, living in close proximity to this major highway provides residents with long term benefits including enhanced economic development and increased property values. 


Bolton’s Future Development Plans

As Caledon’s population grows, it is projected that the town and its surrounding region will have a population of 300,000 by 2051. Bolton is enthusiastically preparing for this exponential growth with their plans to expand economic development and enhance infrastructure. Some of these plans include improving transportation infrastructure and elevating arts and culture in the downtown core of Bolton. Check out these websites to see what’s planned for Bolton in the near future:



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